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Finding the Power in PR

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

My mom loves her job.

Throughout my 22 years of life, this truth has influenced my perception of work and ultimately, my own search for a career. Although the message was never explicitly stated, through my mother’s example I embraced the philosophy that one’s profession should be more … it should be a passion.

My mom, a Sommelier and saké expert.

It wasn’t until I started college that I came to understand not everyone is so lucky in life. It was a privilege to choose what I wanted to do for a living, and I felt an obligation to give back. I found myself entering UNC-Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Media and Journalism where I chose to major in traditional journalism and new media.


Rushing Franklin St. after a Tar Heel win against Duke!

You might be thinking, “Why journalism?” And I know that given our political climate, where “fake news” and sensationalized stories run rampant, this is hard to believe; however, journalism remains a noble profession in my eyes, shedding light on socio-economic issues around the world and protecting our liberties through governmental checks. There was only one issue. I didn’t love it. C’est la vie!

A Global Perspective

During my junior year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, France, and intern for a journalism agency. This experience was unique and challenging, but I realized that I wasn’t building the kind of relationships or seeing the tangible impact I was craving in a career. I did, however, find myself taking pleasure in being a part of something greater. With a new perspective, I was able to consider a new possibility: Marketing and Public Relations. Ah la vache! (this means “OMG” in French and accurately describes my excitement for finding PR).

Photos from my time in Paris, France

Seeing the Magic

I had a gut feeling this time. It just felt right and wasn’t the la vie en rose that I experienced with journalism. PR would allow me to apply my journalism background in a new way AND find satisfaction in my work through delivering a public service. Great public relations can help brands uphold decades of progress and move the needle of civil liberties. The strategies, tools and words we choose to tell stories are directly connected to our ability to change the world. When broadening a client’s grasp on the world, PR has the power to imagine better. I believe that’s worthwhile.

Coming to Clairemont

I first heard of Clairemont Communications through the Hussman School’s weekly career services email last summer. They stood out among the various company listings because they offered a real opportunity to be a part of their team. After my interview, I knew Clairemont was where I wanted to be. I could tell it was a special place to work and was thrilled to join such an innovative and passionate group of individuals. It's been eight months since I started working for Clairemont as a marketing and public relations intern. I've learned so much about the PR industry, gained real-world experience as well as applied my storytelling abilities and media in new ways. I cannot thank the Clairemont team enough for giving me this opportunity to learn more about marketing and myself.

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